An Anthology Fans of the Series Will Enjoy

Wild Invitation - Nalini Singh

The first two short stories came from a couple of previously published anthologies (An Enchanted Season and The Magical Christmas Cat) which I had already read. But I decided to re-read those stories because I had really enjoyed them.

Beat of Temptation originally came from the An Enchanted Season anthology and is a prequel to Singh's Psy-Changling series. It follows the DarkRiver pack's resident healer Tamsyn as she struggles with Nathan's stubbornness over when they will officially get together. I really loved this short story. I thought the emotionally driven plot was done very well. I only wish it had been longer.

Stroke of Enticement was had been my favorite story that came from the anthology A Magical Christmas Cat. I loved seeing Singh do a Human/Changeling pairing since she hadn't done one yet in the series. Annie was also a really compelling character with a fairly fleshed out back-story considering the page length. I would have loved to have seen this one turned into a full length novel. I think there's a lot of interesting dynamics of a human/changling pairing in this world that would make for an interesting addition to the series.

Declaration of Courtship is the first brand new story in this collection. It was cute and very light, but I didn't think it was as compelling as the first two stories. I guess I could say it was nice seeing the characters from a different division of the SnowDancer pack, but other than that the plot was rather "meh".

Texture of Intimacy kind of bored me. There was nothing really motivating the plot. It was basically just a small peek into the lives of Walker and Lara in the aftermath of Kiss of Snow. There was no conflict of any kind to make the storyline memorable or engaging. This one was just a pure ball of fluff. I'm guessing its sort of Singh's way of making up for not giving Walker and Lara their own book, especially since their story got eclipsed by the main romance in Kiss of Snow.


Overall, not a bad anthology and I'm glad I read the new stories, but they weren't really anything to write home about.