"One of the advantages of being a captain is being able to ask for advice without necessarily having to take it."

Up Till Now: The Autobiography - William Shatner;David Fisher

For some reason I enjoy listening to celebrity authors read their biographies on long car rides. So, when I stumbled across Shatner's audiobook at the local used book store right before a lengthy trip...I knew it was fate. Shatner is a hoot to listen to no matter what he's doing. And I'll admit that if I hadn't been listening to him read this book I might not have gotten some of his dry humor.

However, I did find my attention drifting quite a bit while I listened and even when I was paying attention I would often get lost. Shatner jumps around a lot while he's telling a story. One moment he'll be in the middle of talking about hunting a brown bear, then suddenly he'll start talking about playing the Big Giant Head on Third Rock from the Sun before switching topics again to something about Boston Legal until 20 minutes later he finally gets back to the original bear story. Maybe if I had been reading the book instead of listening things would've made more sense.....maybe.

Despite all that, I did generally enjoy the book. Shatner has lived a pretty interesting life, but I think I would only recommend Up Til Now to people who are big fans of his work.