Steal a Penny, Get a Dragon

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison

In Dragon Bound, paranormal creatures like shifters, witches, etc. are real and have their own institutions/laws set-up within the regular world. The story surrounds Dragos, an ancient dragon shifter, seeking retribution from Pia for her stealing a penny from his horde. In all honesty, I have no idea how this story ended-up really working for me. By past experiences, this should've failed. I don't like captive heroine plots (which this book features), but it worked for me here. I also figured out the big mystery of what Pia is long before it's revealed and it's such a corny thing for her to be...but it still worked. This might be a combination of Harrison's writing skills and the fact that I actually liked the hero, Dragos. I didn't want to strangle him, like I usually do the hero of captive heroine books. It also helped that Pia wasn't a passive heroine. She actually did things and was an active player in the plot, who not only saves herself but also the hero a couple times.

In the beginning, Dragos was really fantastic because his character's mannerisms and out-look on life felt ancient and otherworldly. However, as the story progressed, he started to lose a lot of that feeling. It didn't make his character any less appealing, but it was a little disappointing to see that part of him fade away.

The only issue I had was that some of the side characters felt randomly thrown in. For instance, Pia was really adamant about seeing Quentin, her friend and boss, before she left town in the beginning of the book. During their interaction, it felt like Quentin was going to play a large part. Especially with him making her promise to call as soon as she was safe because if she didn't, he would assume the worst and go looking for her. So, as the book progressed, I kept expecting him to reappear... but he never does. This just seemed really off with the snippet of their relationship we were shown.


Aside from that, I really enjoyed this one. I'll be looking forward to reading the rest of the series.