Mystical blue light forces heroine into a relationship she doesn't want

Desire Untamed (Feral Warriors, 1) - Pamela Palmer

I think this book managed to hit almost all of my pet peeves in romances.


Our heroine, Kara, had very little control over anything that happened to her throughout the story. She’s controlled the minute Lyon (one guess what kind of shifter he is) appears. He abducts her from her life and forces her to live with a bunch of his furry friends. Despite him abducting her, Kara is constantly running to Lyon for help and protection. (Which happens a lot.) Meanwhile, Lyon is debating whether or not he's going to have to kill her.Basically, Kara is just an expendable pawn to the other characters. It was almost painful trying to get through the book because of the way she's portrayed and how the others interact with her. It was all just disturbing on so many levels.