Teenage Road Trip Plot

An Abundance of Katherines - John Green

I love John Green's writing voice, but I'll admit that there were sections of this novel that dragged.

Colin, a teenage prodigy, was just dumped by Katherine number 19 and he takes it rather hard. To cheer him up, Colin's best friend Hassan agrees to go on a road trip over summer vacation. However, their trip ends in less than 24 hours when they begin working on recording the oral histories about a small town in Tennessee. This is also where the book began to lull for me. As the days in the story started to stretch on, and both Colin and Hassan were still wandering around town, I started getting antsy. This, in large part, might be because I could clearly see where Green was planning on going with the characters. So, the climax and revelations at the end of the book left me just nodding my head and saying "Yup, knew that was coming."

But despite all that, I still enjoyed the book and I'm betting if I had read this as a teenager I would've appreciated it a lot more. As it is, this was a nice light read and I'll probably pick-up another of Green's books in the near future.