Holiday Short with Cat and Bones: Dance Puppets Dance!

The Bite Before Christmas - Lynsay Sands, Jeaniene Frost

***Rating Only For Frost's Contribution***

Home for the Holidays by Jeaniene Frost

Plot in a nutshell: Cat and Ian are forced to work together when Bones and the rest of their merry crew become entranced.

I gave up on reading Frost's Night Huntress series around book 5 because, honestly, the series started to bore me. Frost has the unfortunate habit of giving her vampires way to many powers. They can mind read, hypnotize people, fly, heal super fast, regenerate limbs, and the list goes on depending on which vampire we're talking about in the series. This, plus the fact that Frost seems to just keep heaping on new powers to the main characters with every book, makes things extremely boring. Its hard to be worried for a main character when you know they have such an extensive power resume and little to no weaknesses.

However, despite my reservations with the other books, I enjoyed this short story. The whole gang is here and I enjoyed the whole "you're all my meat puppets" storyline, but I doubt I would pick this series back up.