Right Wolf, Wrong Story

Right Wolf, Right Time - Marie Harte

Right Wolf, Right Time felt really forced, which was a major disappointment since I had been looking forward to reading Monty's story. I hate to say it, but I think Monty's romance would've worked a lot better if it had stayed a secondary one. Mostly because there was very little conflict throughout this installment in the series and that made things pretty damn boring. 


Monty and Sophie hook-up before the 20% mark and are blissfully happy. The rest of the book is just about how uber happy they are together until about the 90% mark when Monty gets kidnapped by Sophie's evil uncle. The kidnapping was extremely jarring because it felt tossed in as an after thought. Like the author suddenly went, "Oh yeah, there should probably be something in here besides Sophie and Monty bumping and grinding. Kidnapping!"

All in all, I left the book feeling like Harte didn't really want to do this story and only wrote it because her fans kept requesting a book with Monty as the lead. Hopefully, the next addition to the series is better than this one.