Woman on the Run Springs Alpha Werewolf from Jail

Never Cry Wolf - Cynthia Eden

Sarah springs werewolf Alpha, Lucas Simone, out of jail as a hail Mary pass. She's been on the run for months from another pack who is determined to kill her, so Lucas, with his reputation for helping the defenseless, is her last chance at survival.

As I said, the story was interesting, but what tripped me up a lot in the book was Lucas's odd reactions to some things. For instance, at one point in the story Lucas finds out that Sarah had been omitting the truth about some of her abilities, he then proceeds to let Sarah labor under the misunderstanding that he's going to let the pack kill her. This intentional misunderstanding and Lucas's resistance to clear it up just didn't gel with his character. I had to stop reading for a couple of minutes because this scene (along with a couple of others) felt like Eden was trying to force the drama between Sarah and Lucas too much.


Other than that, I enjoyed this installment of the series. I always like how unstable Eden portrays her werewolves to be. I'll be looking forward to seeing where she takes the rest of this series.