Beauty and the Beast: Paranormal Historical Style

Firelight - Kristen Callihan

Excellent start to the series! I had been holding off on reading this book (despite hearing all the hype about it) because I'm not all that big into historical romances anymore. However, Firelight managed to stay away from most of the tropes that annoy the shit out of me in that genre. This, in large part, is due to the book being primarily a paranormal.

The story starts off with your average Beauty and the Beast set-up: a woman is forced to marry/live with the Beast due to her father being an idiot. But I give Callihan kudos for not making Miranda a misty eyed doormat or the Beast, Archer, a giant ass-hat. In fact, Callihan gives Miranda one hell of a backbone and some kick ass powers to go with it. I loved how pro-active Miranda was about her relationship with Archer and the mystery of who is going around killing people. I also adored that Miranda isn't a virgin. That was so refreshing to see.