The Boring Cat-Man of Seattle

Dark Side of the Moon - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Not one of Kenyon's better installments in the Dark-Hunter series. For once I didn't think that the two main characters were a good match for each other.


Susan used to be a hot-shot journalist who accidentally destroyed her career after she was given false information. Now she's working as a tabloid reporter and her most recent assignment is to investigate the cat-man of Seattle. The cat-man of Seattle turns out to be the dark-hunter/were-cat, Ravyn. After unintentionally saving Ravyn's life, Susan finds her world turned upside down. 

I didn't leave the book feeling like Ravyn and Susan were a good match. Susan was an excellent character, she was strong willed and intelligent. She also had a very fleshed-out background that explained some of her actions and feelings throughout the story. However, Ravyn fell flat. This is pretty unusual for Kenyon, as her heroes are typically the best part of the books. While I understood Ravyn's motives, I just did not feel attached to him and couldn't quite figure out why Susan was so attracted.

All in all, this story fell flat for me. The plot was a bit lack luster and the climax just fizzled out. Also, I really did not like the scenes with Ash and Artemis humpin. Seriously. Did we really need all of those? I got that Ash couldn't get away after the first scene detailing it. I didn't need it to be pounded into my head every couple of chapters. Aside from those complaints, I still enjoyed Kenyon's writing and will continue reading the rest of the series.