Campy 80's Fun

Lightning That Lingers - Sharon Curtis, Tom Curtis

This is a fun read, if you're in the mood for a corny 80's romance. And when I say 80's, I mean the time period is extremely apparent. I was having some serious flashbacks with all the pop-culture references and picturing all the characters in typical 80's fashion.

Phillip is a stripper with a heart of gold. No, I'm not kidding. The book features Phillip, a blue blood, who has turned to stripping so he can save nature. The land on which Phillip's family home rests is apparently a hotbed for all kinds of furry creatures and he has made it his life's goal to keep that land out of the hands of evil developers. Even if, to do so, he has to shimmy around naked in front of a lot of women. One night, while shimmying, Phillip spots a woman in the crowd who clearly does not want to be there.


Enter Jennifer, the most timid and annoying character ever. Phillip is immediately intrigued and proceeds to ask her out the next day. Jennifer has a stick up her arse at first about dating a stripper but eventually says yes. Hijinks ensue.

This is a just a fun book. You have to do a lot of overlooking in it though. I had to ignore Jennifer for a lot of the book. She was one of the typical uber-sweet and innocent heroines that often get on my nerves.


Phillip was a fun character even if he was a little pathetic in his own right. I mean, come on, he chose to strip because it was the only open avenue to him? Please. The guy's family was rich, that comes with a certain amount of connections. Plus, he has a freakin PhD. You can't tell me that he couldn't get a job somewhere and just ask one of his friends to make sure no one screwed around with his property while he was away. But like I said, this was an entertaining book. And I'll admit it got some bonus points for Phillip having a pet owl named Chaucer.