Full Consent is IMPORTANT

A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole

Wow am I glad that I didn't start this series with Hunger Like No Other. The story starts out like a bad 80's bodice ripper. First, the heroine, Emma, is chased through the streets of Paris by a crazy man who captures her; then forces her to strip naked and jack him off in the shower. Crazy man turns out to be our hero Lachlain.


Lachlain has been tortured in the catacombs of Paris by vampires for the past 150 years and, as a result, has a healthy dose of hatred for them. This is bad because his fated mate just happens to be half vampire. So, Lachlain spends most of the book sexually assaulting Emma and being an domineering ass-hat, while Emma plays helpless victim and bemoans her weakness. She does eventually come into her own and kicks some ass but it's not until almost the end of the book.


The thing that ticked me off the most about Hunger Like No Other is that after all the crap Lachlain pulls concerning Emma he never atones for it. Yes, he feels bad, but the only thing he does to make up for being such a douche-bag is to buy her presents. "Hi honey, I'm sorry I sexually assaulted you! Here's a fruit basket? We all good?" 


However, even as Lachlain is trying to "make it up" to Emma for his behavoir he's still keeping her captive and getting her drunk so he can have sex with her again because she keeps turning him down. Uh yeah, that's still not consensual. Seriously, Lachlain just wasn't redeemed in my eyes and Emma's change of heart towards him seemed to come out of no where.

This book really managed to annoy me and the only reason why it didn't score lower is because Cole's writing style is pretty fantastic and funny.