Incubus Doctor finds love with a Demon Slayer

Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione

Pleasure Unbound really took me by surprise. This one had been sitting on my "to be read" pile for months and I've just been ignoring it because honestly I couldn't remember why I had picked it up. But I was pleasantly shocked at how fun of a ride this story ended-up being.

Eidolon, an incubus, runs a demon hospital where the motto is: they have to treat everything that walks through the doors in need of assistance. Even baby munching demons and members of an organization that indiscriminately kill demons. Eidolon starts kicking himself for making that motto when Tayla, a member of one of those organizations, comes in with some bad injuries. Not only does he have to fix her up but he also has to keep his staff from killing and torturing her.

Ione does incubus demons right. Eidolon was fantastic and I enjoyed how steamy the read was. The only thing that got a little annoying for me in the story was Tayla's determination to hold onto her prejudices surrounding demons. Even after her organization tried blowing her up, she was still desperately clinging to her belief that they were the good guys. But the reason behind Tayla's stubbornness was explained really well and saved her character from becoming too obnoxious.

If you're looking for a fun, fast paced paranormal romance I would recommend this book.