Ghost with the mentality of a 5 year old haunts annoying great neice

Twenties Girl: A Novel - Sophie Kinsella

Lara is haunted by her great aunt Sadie who insists that Lara help her find a necklace, so she can rest in peace. To save Sadie's body from getting cremated, Lara states that she thinks her great aunt was murdered, which was ridiculous. Lara makes up an extremely ludicrous story about her great aunt being poisoned and is taken down to the police station to be questioned. After this incident, that thread of the story is dropped. Lara never has any repercussions from leading the police on a wild goose chase except for a couple of toss away moments where one of the PI's calls or reappears.

This would have been easier to overlook if Lara wasn't such a twit for the rest of the book. She's freakishly obsessed with her ex-boyfriend and she's so wishy-washy about her own business that I want to shake some sense into her. Then there's Sadie who is constantly screeching in her ear about a necklace to the point that I was hoping the cops would come and arrest Lara to put her out of her misery.

I think Lara was supposed to be a Bridget Jones type character, but she lacks the charm and wit that Jones had. Lara's screw-ups and embarrassing moments are supposed to be funny, but all they achieved was to make me squirm. The only highlight to the novel was when Sadie stopped acting like a spoiled 5 year old. Once Sadie stopped yelling that things are "MINE!" and screeching about things, she was an interesting character. In fact, it got to the point where I started wishing that the two characters would swap places. I much rather have read about Sadie falling in love, getting a career, and making her life work rather than Lara who just coasted through everything.