Quiet Hero finds Love with Walking Disaster

Catch of the Day - Kristan Higgins

Maggie has a knack for getting into embarrassing situations. One such situation? Having the entire town know that she's in love with the local priest, Father Tim. Second situation? Going to a big church dinner completely smashed and declaring her undying love to said priest. Now Father Tim is determined to hook Maggie up with someone suitable. The dates end up being one huge disaster after another, but at least they're entertaining the locals who patronize Maggie's diner. While being stood up by one of those dates, Maggie finds herself cornered by her ex-boyfriend and his pregnant wife. Surprisingly it's Malone, the local recluse, who comes to her rescue.

I loved Malone. He remains an extremely quiet man throughout the book, but Higgins manages to show how much he likes Maggie through his actions. Maggie on the other hand was annoying. She's constantly making bad decisions that put her in embarrassing situations and reading those scenes was pretty painful. Maggie also sort of stalks Malone a few times and has the tendency to run her mouth off. I seriously wanted to shake some self-awareness into that girl and tell her to get a grip on herself. Despite my annoyances with Maggie, I enjoyed the storyline and side characters. I'll definitely be picking up another Higgins novel soon.