The Mane Attraction  - Shelly Laurenston

Wolf-shifter Sissy Mae Smith and lion-shifter Mitch Shaw have been close friends for quite some time. So when Mitch is shot, Sissy volunteers to help hide him from his would-be killers. Only problem is that this consists of holing up in middle-of-nowhere Tennessee with Sissy's extended family, who is none too happy about her being back in town.

This wasn't my favorite from Laurenston, but it wasn't bad. Watching Mitch and Sissy circle each other was highly entertaining, but I never completely felt the attraction between them. This is probably because I don't care for the way Laurenston writes her lion shifters. Nine times out of ten I just want to strangle them. However, I have to say that Mitch was much more enjoyable than Mace and Brendan were in The Mane Event. I would recommend this to people who have read and enjoyed other works by Laurenston, but wouldn't advise someone to start reading the series with this one.