ARC Review: Unbearable Desire by Vivi Andrews

Unbearable Desire (Lone Pine Pride) - Vivi Andrews

Unbearable Desire is the fourth book in Vivi Andrews Lone Pine Pride series. After reading and enjoying Andrews’ Serengeti Shifters series, I was pretty excited to dive into this one.


Over a decade ago, Moira had a brief fling with Hugo, a fellow bear shifter. When he invited her to join the Lone Pine Pride, she had believed that he was inviting her to share his life. Her hopes were dashed when she arrived on his doorstep a week later. Hugo hadn’t meant to give Moira the impression that they would be together, because his heart already belonged to another. Despite the rejection and humiliation, Moira decided to stay with the pride and to build a life for herself. Over ten years later, Hugo is starting to regret his decision but isn’t sure how to go about mending fences.

Unbearable Desire is about crushed expectations, which is one of my favorite tropes. When Moira first met Hugo, she had dreamt of a happy future with him and quickly found that she had put the cart before the horse. Hugo, for his part, let the idea of a grand forbidden love blind him to any other relationship. I liked that both parties were, essentially, in the wrong and that Moira didn’t spend all the intervening years pining away for Hugo. While she’s still attracted to him, she has ruled out the possibility of them having a relationship. So, she’s a little baffled and pretty bitter when Hugo suddenly seems to change his mind after all these years.


I only wish this had been a little longer to give Moira and Hugo more time to work things out and ease into the relationship. Things were pretty rushed once Hugo decided to pursue Moira, with a lot of things happening in quick succession. The pacing made the catalyst at the end feel like a rash decision for Moira, rather than one she came to naturally and would stick to. While I felt Moira may regret her decision, I was positive that Hugo wouldn’t. Andrews did an excellent job of showing Hugo get closure with his long term obsession.


All in all, Unbearable Desire was a great quick read. If you like Vivian Arend or Dana Marie Bell, you’ll find something to enjoy here.


***ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***