One of my favorite Patrica Briggs' books

The Hob's Bargain - Patricia Briggs

Contrary to what I've heard and what the back cover says at the top of this book, I didn't find this story all that much beauty and the beast. Yes, the love interest is "different" looking while Aren is a pretty female, but it lacked the other elements to make me consider this a beauty and the beast story.

However, that didn't lower my enjoyment of this book. In fact, I rather adored it. The world Briggs built is amazing and left me wanting to know more. She also had some fantastic main and side characters in this book. Aren is the kind of female lead character I love. She's strong and not afraid to stand up for herself or take things into her own hands. While the Hob with his tail and life loving attitude was adorable. I only wish we could have got a little bit more information on Kith, another main character aside from the Hob and Aren, who was just flat out wonderful.

My only overall complaint is that it was too short. Some plot aspects should have been expanded on a little more, like the main bad guy (aside from the raiders). All we really got about him was that he was evil and bad but no other information. A sad one dimensional villain for an otherwise great story.