Woman wants daughter back. Refuses to listen to good advice.

Midnight Moon - Lori Handeland

Cassandra is obsessed with finding a way to bring her daughter back from the dead. When she hears rumor of a man capable of raising the dead in Haiti, she immediately sets out to find him. At first, Cassandra was an interesting character, with her relentless pursuit to get her daughter back. However, halfway through the story, this drive turns into sheer stupidity. Cassandra is confronted with so many reasons why bringing her daughter back would be horrible, but she continues to plow on with her plan. I understand that Cassandra was supposed to be deeply mourning her child, but I think that after seeing how it might hurt her, Cass would at least have second thoughts. Not become more determined.  I also really hated that Cass didn't decide for herself to stop trying to bring her daughter back. I would have liked Cass to have looked at the bigger picture while she had power to raise her daughter and decide not to. Instead, Cass has the power stripped away from her and eventually just has to make peace with it.

Despite my issues surrounding the daughter storyline, I thought the book was okay. I enjoyed the settings of Haiti and New Orleans. But the hero, Devon Murphy, was kind of forgettable. The only thing that made him interesting was the constantly changing accents. Otherwise he basically just blended into the background.


In closing, I would recommend reading this series in order. Toward the end, there were a lot of character cameos of people from the previous book who apparently had links to the plot of this one. But most of the references they made went completely over my head since I'm unfamiliar with these books.