One of the Best in the Tarot Novella Series by Thea Harrison

Hunter's Season - Thea Harrison

Definitely the best out of the Elder Races novellas. While I thoroughly enjoyed all the other novellas in the series so far, my biggest complaint always centered around how the main plot was handled. A large part of this is because Harrison had some wonderful ideas going on that could've been expanded (and probably should have) into a full length novel. The result was usually intricate plots getting wrapped up too easily (True Colors), left feeling unfinished (Natural Evil), or feeling extremely rushed (Devil's Gate). Luckily, that wasn't the case here.

Xanthe, the assassin from Devil's Gate, gets assigned/volunteers to guard Aubrey after an attack leaves him near death. While guarding Aubrey, Xanthe finds her long-term crush on him deepening but doubts that he'd find someone of her station attractive. Aubrey had been betrayed by his ex-wife in Storm's Heart, which has left him extremely jaded but he soon finds himself trusting and admiring Xanthe.

The plot of this one worked really well, mostly because it was entirely character driven. Things didn't feel rushed and I loved the slow paced building of the relationship between Aubrey and Xanthe. It felt like we really got to know the characters this time.

I would recommend reading this one to fans of Thea Harrison, but only if you had read the previous novella since it sets up Xanthe's character. I also really hope that Harrison plans to revisit the characters in some of these novella's since I feel like a lot of their stories need to be continued, plus I would just enjoy spending more time with Xanthe and Aubrey.