Doctor Saves Half-breed Shifter

Silver Mine - Vivian Arend

One of the aspects I enjoyed most about Silver Mine is that Arend tackles a relationship without the fate-mate connection between characters. This was especially interesting since most of Arend's books set in the Takhini and Granite Lake worlds rely on the fate-mate trope to drive the relationship forward. So it was nice to see Arend tackle a relationship set in this world where the characters didn't have that connection driving them.

Arend also takes another step away from her usual fan-fare in this book by making it primarily about the outcast shifters. Shelly is a doctor who gets sucked into helping the outcast Chase find out why a bad injury he has isn't healing properly. This involves going deep into the Yukon and tracking down the person who gave Chase the injury.

I really enjoyed the first two parts of the book, but the third part is where Arend started to lose me. Things started getting really rushed as she was trying to wrap things up. I was annoyed that so many things happened off page and that we were basically debriefed on what had gone on after-the-fact via everyone telling Chase what had happened while he was in a coma. It just seemed like a cheap way to wrap up some of the plot threads.

Other than that, I thought this was a really great installment to the Takhini Wolves series and I hope that Arend decides to do more with the Outcast Pack in future books.

Side note: Shelley's obsession with Chase's chest hair was all kinds of weird and gross with how poofy and thick she made it sound. Not sexy, yo.