Hades = Batman? No.

Goddess of Spring - P.C. Cast

My main worry when starting Goddess of Spring was that it was going to take one of my favorite Greek myths and just decimate it. While it did fluff a lot of things up to fit it into the romance genre, I was pretty pleased with the overall story.

Lina is a baker who has fallen on hard times. To save her bakery, Lina makes a deal with Demeter to switch bodies with her daughter, Persephone, and spend time in the Underworld with Hades.


I enjoyed that Lina is not the young inexperienced heroine you often see and that she had a confidence in her abilities. She also has a weird connection to animals. Typically, the Snow White "all the animals are my friends" trope doesn't work for me but I actually enjoyed it here. Mostly because I could understand why Cast gave Lina the ability. Lina is in a goddess’s body with “special powers” for 75% of the book and so she needed to have at least one ability to do something that was all her own so she wouldn’t fall into Persephone's shadow.


The only real problem I had with the book is that Cast loves her pop culture references, this can really get on my nerves and yank me out of the story. For instance, throughout the book there were a bunch of Batman references in connection with Hades that drove me insane. I really did not like having images of Hades as Batman shoved down my throat. Especially since when I think Batman, I think Adam West in his brightly colored uniform.


Other than that, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the rest of the series.