Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf  - Patricia Briggs

Brigg's Alpha and Omega series is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. The slowly evolving relationship between Anna and Charles is just so touching.


Anna, the heroine, was heavily abused by her previous pack. Even after being rescued by the merrick and his son, Charles, she's extremely leery around other werewolves. This includes Charles, who is her mate. Charles, for his part, is trying his best to make Anna comfortable and to earn her trust. However, a spurt of recent attacks near their home forces them into an investigation and hunt.

I adore that the romantic relationship in this story doesn't hinge on a love triangle and instead focuses on Charles and Anna dealing with their own personal demons. Also, the main plot surrounding mysterious attacks and the couple hunting the perpetrator through the snowy woods was just awesome. If you like Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series you'll love this one.