Friends to Lovers Story

Ms. Match - Jo Leigh

Paul is trying to get into gorgeous flight attendant Autumn's pants, but it's clear that she has no real interest and is just flattered by his attention. In the hopes of getting laid by Autumn in the future, Paul agrees to go to a family party with her less gorgeous sister, Gwen. At the party, Paul is shocked by how much fun he ends up having. Days later, he's still thinking about how relaxing it was to hang out with Gwen. So he tracks her down at her favorite bar and starts out on a quest to befriend her.

Paul is the main narrator of this book which was an interesting change of pace. Gwen also has a good chunk told from her perspective, but the story starts and ends with Paul's voice. This made for a really interesting story, because it became less about Gwen's hang ups and more about Paul's quest to transform his life. So instead of the heroine being sucked into the rich and powerful hero's world, its about the hero finding happiness in the heroine's life.
In this respect, it was nice to see Paul's transformation with Gwen acting as a kind of guide. Watching them develop a friendship and really get to know each other before diving into a relationship was fantastic and really made them more believable as a couple.

My problem with the book, however, was a pretty big one. The climax of the story was really contrived and the blow-up that happens as a result seemed insignificant. It made Paul and Gwen's time apart look childish because of how small the problem was. The melodramatic cause for their separation made for a really unsatisfying reunion. There was also the smaller problem I had with Gwen's family. They were really cruel towards her for no apparent reason, which made them all seem like a bunch of cartoon villains.

Despite this though, I enjoyed most of the book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick read.