What I Did for Love

What I Did for Love: A Novel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

SEP's books are usually a hit or a miss for me. What I Did for Love is the first one of hers that landed somewhere in between. The story surrounding the main characters in was interesting, as were some of the side characters, but what almost killed the story for me were the hero and heroine.


Georgie would have been an okay heroine if she wasn't paired up with such an ass. It was interesting to watch her slowly take control of her life and transform from a doormat into a person who stands up for herself. But it was painful to watch this transformation because the hero, Bram, was such an awful person.

Bram was horrible to Georgie when they worked with each other on a popular sitcom called "Skip and Scooter". Then when he pops back into her life, with plans to use her to clean up his image, he is once again just an awful person. The only difference is that this time Georgie isn't a 15 year old girl with rose tinted glasses. She knows he's an ass when she agrees to maintain a fake marriage with him, but we see her slowly start to fall for him anyway.


As Georgie slowly starts to change her life, we see Bram maneuvering his way to a huge break for his career that will put him back on the map. While there are a couple of moments that hint at Bram developing feelings for Georgie, he is just such an incorrigible ass that when he does figure it out, you wish Georgie would find someone else. Bram doesn't even go through all that much to make-up for the way he's acted.

Like I said, the story was interesting in a kind of train-wreck way. And I liked the premise of it. But Bram really just killed this book for me.


Side Note: What I Did for Love must have been written during all the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston drama because hints of that are written all over the characters in this one.