Hell Hound investigates a murder in a blizzard

Frostbound - Sharon Ashwood

Vampire, Talia comes home one evening to find her cousin dead on the living room floor. The police have a bad reputation of seeing a vampire near any murder scene and immediately deciding they're guilty. Talia knows, that despite her innocence, the police will look no further than her fangs and she immediately decides to run. Before she can make it out of the apartment building, she's intercepted by the hell-hound called Lore. Lore also knows that, if caught, Talia won't get a fair trial, but he's not entirely convinced of her innocence. Until he's positive she didn't do it, Lore decides to keep Talia locked up in his own improvised prison. Eventually, they both have to work together to find out who is killing supernatural beings.

Honestly, Frostbound was a good time. I've mentioned before that I hate captive heroine stories, but it was done pretty well here. Talia wasn't kept locked up for long and Lore caught a lot of shit from both her and his friends for doing it in the first place.

There were basically two things that really made this book for me. The first was the blizzard/winter setting. I love winter settings. I also really enjoyed the hell-hound mythology that went into the book. You don't see it done very often and I have to say the hell-hounds here were pretty kick-ass.


My only issue was that there wasn't a lot of world building, which made certain areas of the story confusing, as I hadn't read any of the other novels in the series. However, I think Frostbound still stood well on its own.

Fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series and Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series will probably find something to love in this book.