Boring Demon meets Boring Human

Truth Or Demon - Kathy Love

I find that I enjoy Love's books the most when I'm emotionally drained. That's usually the time that I want a low drama story that will still hold my attention. Love is pretty good for this, yet I almost always end up criticizing her for having too little drama. So... I'm a bit of a hypocrite. Especially, since the near zero drama going on in this story was one of my complaints.

Killian is a demon minding his own business down in hell when suddenly he finds himself standing in the middle of a girls' slumber party. The girls in question had been messing around with a spell that would summon a demon to grant the caster's wish. If Killian ever wants to return home, he has to find a way to grant the wish. Only problem is that the wish was from a little girl who just wants her older sister, Poppy, to find a boyfriend. Too bad Poppy isn't interested in dating.

Truth or Love was a really light and humorous story, but there's not much going on. A couple of minor obstacles appear during the plot, but they're quickly dealt with. Resolving the little issues this way, I didn't mind too much. What I did mind was that the biggest issue of the story was handled with the same quiet fizzling out. I mean come on, Killian is a demon and Poppy doesn't know it. Yet, they start a relationship. So I'm sitting there expecting some kind of blow out to eventually happen. However, when Poppy finds out what Killian is, she just automatically accepts everything. There's no freaking out that he works for the Devil. There's no turmoil over the fact that she probably can't trust what he's been telling her. There's not even some minor concern show over the fact that her little sister summoned a demon. I mean come on! Your little sister is practicing witch craft and it worked! How does that not cause some sort of reaction? Instead, Killian returns from hell (because Poppy's little sister did another spell) and Poppy just runs into his arms. The End. This was just way too neat of a wrap up for the story. I know its supposed to be a light paranormal...but still.

With all my negative comments though, Love has an easy and light writing style that sucks you in. And in all fairness I'll probably pick-up another novel by her in the future.