Mean heroine meets tiger shifter who gets turned on by mean women

Here Kitty, Kitty!  - Shelly Laurenston

Shelly Laurenston likes to write her heroines bitchy...and it oddly works for me.


Angie is kidnapped by two well-meaning tiger shifters and dropped off at their brother's house. Not knowing that his brothers have just unleashed a violent woman in his house, Nikolai is at first pleased to find the dark haired woman in his bedroom... until she knocks him out with a toilet seat. After finally wrangling her into a closet, Nikolai discovers that his relatives have just kidnapped a close friend of the Magnus pack's alpha female. Trying to make amends for the screw-up, Nikolai agrees to let Angie stay with him until the pack takes care of an issue they're having.

Angie isn't too happy finding herself surrounded by a bunch of tigers, but she twists the situation enough to suit her. The only problem she finds with her current predicament is just how attracted she is to Nikolai. She's never been interested in men except for sex, so the pull she feels towards Nik flat out disturbs her. It doesn't help that Nik feels the same pull or that his two brothers are also interested in Angie. I loved seeing Nik's two brothers constantly hitting on Angie, especially their odd techniques in trying to woo her.

My only problem with Here Kitty Kitty was the odd resolution to Nik and Angie's romance. It wasn't as frustrating as Go Fetch!'s but I felt like it broke the tone of the rest of the book. If you're fan of Laurenston's Pride series you should pick this one up. Otherwise, I think you really have to be in the mood for Laurenston's odd brand of romance and humor.