Demon Bound

Demon Bound - Meljean Brook

Jake is one of the younger guardian angels, who was turned during the Vietnam War. Since he's still fairly young, Jake is a little more enthusiastic than the older guardians. So, he often runs his mouth off and is forced to pay five dollars to a fellow guardian for saying something offensive. In this story, he starts working with the guardian Alice.


During her human life, Alice made a bargain with a demon that she would bring him Micheal's heart. Fearful of being forced into fulfilling that bargain, Alice has never gotten close to many of the other guardians. At the beginning of this story, Alice's fears are being realized. The demon has gotten impatient for Alice to finish their deal.

I really adored this entry in the series. Jake's out-going and enthusiastic nature was a great contrast to Alice, a modest introvert.The only reason why Demon Bound isn't getting a full five stars is because the main plot featuring the bargain got a little lost in the middle of the story. Jake and Alice get stuck in hell and, while it was interesting, it was a little jolting getting back to the main plot on Earth. The time spent in Hell was important, but it was just more important to the over-arching plot of the series rather than the one focused on in this particular book. We also got a lot more background on Michael here and I love him even more now. I can't wait to see what Brook does for his book.