Bayou Moon

Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews

Cherise Mar's parents have gone missing which leaves her in charge of the family. In a race to get back home, Cherise runs into the wolf shifter William. William is working undercover to track down a vicious killer called Spider who is searching for something. William has been hired to find whatever Spider is looking for and turn it over to the Mirror. (The Mirror is basically a magical CIA.) William and Cherise's paths intersect more than either first imagined as Spider has set his eyes on something that the Mar family owns.

I really loved Bayou Moon. The atmosphere was excellent and one that I really adore in stories. It felt like hardcore Cajun country bayous. Very swampy, remote, and muddy.


Also, Andrews always does a great job writing shifters in her stories. It's nice how she manages to thread specific animal natures into their personalities. (Such as William's distaste for being fenced in by so much water.) As for Cherise, she was pretty bad ass. Intelligent and bit a ruthless, she knew how to take care of herself and those relying on her. I'll definitely be reading the rest of this series.