What a Dragon Should Know

What a Dragon Should Know - G.A. Aiken

Dagmar Reinholdt lives in the tundra-like northern hemisphere and has acquired the nickname Beast due to her ruthlessness...or at least that's what people from other hemispheres think. In actuality, it was a tongue-in-cheek nickname given to Dagmar by her family that just happened to stick. So, when Gwenvael, a dragon shifter from the southern hemisphere, arrives on the Reinholdt doorstep to meet the Beast for negotiations he immediately falls into hysterical laughter at being confronted with a thin bespectacled woman in plain clothing. A reaction that Dagmar immediately sets out to make him regret.

I really enjoyed the storyline in this one. Dagmar was a fun and serious heroine who I loved watching get the upper-hand due to people underestimating her. Gwenvael also grew on me quick, I vaguely remembered his character from Dragon Actually and the whole playboy persona didn't interest me much. However, his sense of humor and the growing affection he had for Dagmar won me over fast.


My only problem with the novel came from a location switch. Halfway through the book, Dagmar and Gwenvael leave the Reinholdt household and return to Gwenvael's home, which did not work for me. With the change in location, all the main characters from the other books were suddenly inserted into the plot and it began to feel too fan-service/teaser for future novels.


All in all, this was a cute read, I would recommend it to fans of dragon-shifter novels.