Eternal Hunter

Eternal Hunter - Cynthia Eden

District attorney, Erin Jerome, has a stalker leaving her dead corpses as tokens of affection. After her admirer breaks into her house and writes a bloody message on the wall, Erin decides to hire bounty hunter, Jude Donovan, as protection. Jude knows that Erin is a shifter like him, even though she tries everything in her power to hide it. Being a bit of an opportunist, Jude takes the constant close contact as bodyguard to find out what exactly Erin is and to explore his attraction to her.

This was an okay read. Jude's constant saving of Erin got on my nerves, but otherwise the story was alright. I enjoyed the creepy tones of the stalker constantly watching Erin and the revelation of who that stalker is. However, I doubt I'll be picking up any other novels by Eden.