Oracle's Moon

Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison

When her sister died, Grace inherited the family's Oracle powers along with her sister's two young children. Grace can barely afford to keep the children fed and hates having powers that she never asked for as it constantly brings people to her door asking to speak to the Oracle. On top of this, she has to deal with a stubborn Djinn materializing in and out of her house telling her she should recognize what a gift his presence is.

After being disappointed with the previous two novels in the Elder Races series, I was thrilled with how much I loved this one. Grace was definitely the highlight of this story. She was strong, independent, and not bitter about the new direction her life has taken. Most of all, I loved that Grace never let the djinn (Kahlil) run roughshod over her. She had enough sense to recognize that his help could be beneficial, but didn't blindly follow his wishes.


For his part, Kahlil was an interesting character. It's not very often that you see a djinn in a romance novel, so Kahlil as a hero was a refreshing change. In addition, Harrison takes djinn mythology in a direction I wasn't expecting but really enjoyed. While wishes are a main feature of what a djinn does, the whole elimination of free will and having the djinn tied to an inanimate object was, thankfully, not present.

My only problem was that I didn't quite understand why Kahlil and Grace were attracted to each other. This was mainly because the romance evolved really quick in the last half of the novel. The first half of the story had a slow burning attraction going on between Grace and Kahlil, which I adored and could've seen eventually turning into love but things went from that to "I love you" way too fast. I would've been happy if Harrison had left their relationship at the attraction stage with the potential for something more and just planned to explore Grace and Kahlil as a couple in a future book. This also would've had the bonus of letting Kahlil's character mature and evolve a bit more.

All in all, I really enjoyed this addition to the Elder Races series and recommend it to the people who may have given up on the series after the last book.